It’s safe to say that I love affiliate marketing.

However, to be a successful Affiliate marketer, there are a number of things you should know.

Let’s start with the definition of Affiliate Marketing.


What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It work?




1. Affiliate Marketing is simply the promotion of a person or company’s product or service in exchange for a commission.


2. What Does an Affiliate Marketer do or who is an Affiliate?


It is your responsibility as an affiliate marketer to recommend HELPFUL products to  PEOPLE WHO NEED THEM (interested) and can afford them.
And you do this by:


a. Finding a product that solves a problem for a group of people.


b. Finding a large audience of people who are interested and willing to solve the problem and who can easily afford the product.


c. Establishing yourself as someone they trust, like or respect. (a trusted advisor). This part may not be needed if the sales copy used to sell the product is very powerful and high converting.


d. Crafting and sending highly persuasive messages to recommend that product to them via, email, Facebook, Instagram, etc.. The purpose of this is to get them to see why the product you are recommending to them will help them.


Your affiliate marketing selling system will typically be divided into 3 stages:


1. The Product Selection Stage.
This is where you sign up for the affiliate program or platform to which you want to promote their products /services.


2.The Marketing Funnel Stage.

This is where you set up the marketing funnel that will be used to sell the product.


3.The Traffic Getting Stage. 

This is where you start getting traffic to the marketing funnel you created in stage 2
Let’s move on to how to pick a hot product to promote.

What are best affiliate marketing niches?


a. Typically, for you to start making lots of sales as an affiliate , the product you select has to be related to any of the 3 markets listed below as these markets are considered to be ever green markets


-Business, Making money, Investing, Finances

-Health, beauty

– Dating, Relationships, Sexuality.


b. You should pick a product that pays great commissions.

Any product that pays at least 40% commissions and above is a good place to start.

I know all these may sound complicated and like a lot of work but believe me when I say..that it isn’t.
All it takes is dedication and the willingness to do it.


To begin, all you have to do is put your mind on your Affiliate marketing income goal and you will have the strength and motivation to follow through on what you need to do to succeed.


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