​WhatsApp Marketing Secrets You are Not Supposed to Know!

written by ​Yemi Alabi on July 5, 202​1

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​Many of my subscribers have been asking me questions along the line of...

"Is ​there a way for me to Start and continue to make consitent sales without running paid ads?"

​"​Mark Nssuka bag has been really frustrating my efforts lately is there an alternative?"

Here are my thoughts:

Alot of people don't know that the WhatsApp Messenger they have on their phones has the capability to become a sales machine if used right.

​​But before I go further, here are some interesting facts To note about WhatsApp.

​1.WhatsApp is the biggest messaging app in Africa.

​2. WhatsApp is the most active social media platform in Nigeria with over 50 million users, even grandmas use Whatsapp to send those long broadcast (lol)

​3. WhatsApp is the Third Most Downloaded Android App in the world.

​4. On average,1 million people register on WhatsApp daily.

​5.WhatsApp is valued more than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of some countries.

​6.Official statistics reveal that an average WhatsApp user opens the app 23 times or more in a day, roughly once every hour.

​7. There are more than 29 million messages sent per minute on WhatsApp.

​8. Whatsapp is my tool for making daily sales and income.

​9. Whatsapp has over 500million daily active status viewers worldwide -(statista )

​10. 200 million people from India use WhatsApp.

11 All you need to get connected is an Internet connection and a mobile phone

12. 1 Million people register on WhatsApp daily

​13 All you need to get connected is Internet connection and a mobile phone

​14. Everybody can make money on WhatsApp.

There are 4 Things you need to get right in making money on WhatsApp

​a. Right Mindset

​Our Mind is where everything starts From.

​You need to be deliberate about feeding your brain with positivity every day.

​Trust me, It works.

​Your Mindset is Number one in anything you want to do.

​If you don’t believe you can make it in your mind you won’t.

​What you don’t believe you can’t achieve it.


​Examples of high-income skills are Mini Importation skills, Copywriting, Forex/Crypto trading, Affiliate marketing, among others.

​Too many to mention, to keep this short….

​You need to learn High-income skills.

​These skills pay more than our regular 8-4 Jobs.

c. Toolset

​The toolset are the tools you use to make sales.

What are these tools?

​1. Your smartphone
2. WhatsApp
3. Internet connection

​d. Show Up Everyday

​Consistent Habits and actions are what produce results.

​It can be developed.

​Make it a habit of creating contents daily, marketing & selling.

​You can’t afford to be going off and on like NEPA.

​You have to be consistent & do it wholeheartedly.

​Eventually, you will get used to it, that’s when it becomes a Habit.

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