The ​ Ugly Truth About Relocating To Canada From Nigeria in 2020

​​Yemi Alabi| ​May 3, 20​20 | 5 mins read

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I have been getting questions from many of my subscribers which often border around the following...

"Is it still a good idea to relocate to Canada?"

​"Is Canada still the right country to relocate to?"

Here are my thoughts on the above questions:

ONE: ​One of the things that the pandemic has proved to everyone is that Canada is one of the best countries to live in.

Now, why am I saying this you may ask?

It is because of their well-developed healthcare system and also the way the Canadian government created several programs to ensure that people living in Canada are well taken care of.

TWO: While we cannot deny the fact that the pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of thing going forward, the reality right now, is that things going fairly well in Canada mostly because of how the government has been able to come up with several programs to ensure people living in Canada are taken care of.

There are several benefits already put in place by government for both  individuals and businesses just to ensure that people can survive while the situation lasts and businesses can bounce back fast as soon as the economy opens up.

Also, the Child Care Benefit (CCB) for families with children is still currently ongoing.

It will interest you to know that, just this last May 2020, the government is boosted the CCB with a one-time increase of up to $300 per child.

What this tells me is that with all these support coming from the Canadian government, people living in Canada are definitely living a better life.

THREE: As far as immigration is concerned, the Canadian Federal government still remains welcoming towards new immigrants who desire to come to Canada.

Based on these 3 points listed above, I believe Canada still remains the best country to relocate to as a Nigerian and is definitely a good idea if you have been considering it.

I also think now is the right time to start putting together your plans to relocate. Don't wait until the Covid pandemic is over.

There are currently several programs for relocating to Canada successfully.

(i) If you are between the ages of 25-35yrs, I will advice you to keep your focus on the Express entry program except if you have what it takes to come in through the Provincial programs also knows as PNPs.

(ii) If you are between 35-45yrs, I doubt if the Express Entry program can work for you as it is right now.

My advice would be for you to focus on the Provincial programs (PNPs) that is if you have what it takes.

Watch this masterclass video to understand how to become a permanent resident of Canada via the Express entry or PNP programs.

(iii) Please note that The 2 programs listed above are heavily dependent on your age, your ability to pass the IELTS exam and also a high CRS point.

However, there is another Canada immigration program that was (introduced just last year) that allows you to become a permanent Canadian resident even if you do not have a degree.

With this new program, you can get a job anywhere in Canada and you are allowed to move with your entire family.

  • Does not require high IELTS score (5.0 is okay)
  • Only 12 months previous work experience required
  • You get a job almost immediately
  • Only 2 years post-secondary education required e.g. OND
  • Age does not matter
  • Not based on points (like Express Entry)

This doesn’t mean it is open to anyone though.

Relocating to Canada regardless of what program you are going through cost at least N1.5 and that is if they don’t ask you for proof of funds.

That is another good thing about this new program.

No proof of funds is required.

Many Nigerians are already using this method to relocate to Canada but like other immigration channels, it will soon become highly competitive.

And that is why the time to learn more about it and start processing it is now

Mr Daniel Ola (A Nigerian immigration expert based in Canada) created a video to explain how this new program works and how one can apply.

If you are interested, click here to watch the video:

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