This is the Secret!


Back in 2006, Toyin Omotoso  wasn’t the internet marketing expert people know me for today.

He was a broke Botany student trying to find his way through a state university.

His pocket money was about N2000 a month.

So, He was really careful with what he spent money on.

But even at that time, He knew he wasn’t going to be comfortable with an average lifestyle and average income.

He didn’t want income that would be based on the government, my employer or the economy.

He wanted an ultimate lifestyle with lots of money
and a lot of freedom attached to it.

He just didn’t know what to do to get there.

So, He started searching.

One day, He stumbled on a magazine that contained a lot of success principles and money-making opportunities that wasn’t usual.

The name of the magazine is Success Digest published by a humble and wise man – Dr Sunny Obazu

Toyin got hooked to the magazine instantly.

The information He got from the magazine
led him to other books that would change his life like night and day.

For instance, one afternoon, he was supposed to attend a lecture but he was really hungry.

So, he decided to grab a quick meal at one of the “Bukas” around (which he hardly does)

On his way to the Buka, he stumbled on a book he read about in Success Digest and had been looking for.

The book is titled “Multiple Streams of Income” by Robert G. Allen (you can look for it on Amazon)

Multiple Streams of Income!

But…it was priced at N1600 and all the money he had with him that day was N1700 only.

But he made up my mind to buy the book instead.

So, he settled for Garri and groundnut that afternoon.

He Skipped the lecture too.

Throughout that day, he read the book from cover to cover.

But there were 2 chapters that caught his attention.

According to Toyin Omotoso, He has now read those 2 chapters more than 100 times.

The first chapter is about how to turn simple ideas and information into cold, hard cash.

The second chapter talked about how anyone could make a lot of money just by selling on the internet.

In this chapter, the author talked about how anyone could generate envious income online selling books, physical products, advert space, art health products etc

Together, those 2 chapters gave Toyin Omotoso a solid foundation on making money online selling simple ideas, information and various products.

He couldn’t get enough.

He started looking for other books and courses that could teach him how to make money by selling online.

By the time he was in 400 level, He then decided to apply what he had been learning.

He put up his first website and it was making him N2000 – N4000 per month.

But that was about to change.



So, what happened that took Toyin Omotoso’s online income from N2000 a month to 10X what the average University Lecturer earns in a year?

In 2008, He stumbled on a weird yellow website that taught him the importance of knowing how to sell.

And it went on to teach effective selling strategies that could help any serious person to become their own cash ATM.

Since he  had no one to guide him, he ended up spending the a large portion of the year studying various books and courses that taught him how to sell online.

During this time, he also met young Nigerians who were legally making about N2 million a month just selling various products online.


This got him hooked like a cocaine addict.

All he had to work with was a bulky desktop computer and his N2000 per monthly income.

So, he started from scratch with the little I had.

In January 2009, all the hardwork began to pay off.

That was when he made his first N200,000 online – and he has never looked back since then.

Today, he now makes a full time living from selling various products online.

Toyin Omotoso sells for himself and  also sells for various companies.

Toyin says that the main thing that brings joy to him is that he has been able to share these money making strategies with various people and their lives have been changed in a lot of ways.

These strategies are what a friend of Toyin calls “Cash on Demand” strategies because once you know them, it will be really difficult for you to be broke.

I said that because there are thousands of genuine opportunities available on the internet that could change your life.

Why did I write this?

I wrote it because I believe it will be an inspiration to someone out there.

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