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So on my last post on this Affiliate Marketing Secret Series,  I did a brief introduction of Affiliate Marketing Including how it works and how to profit from it.

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I mentioned that you should think of Affiliate Marketing as recommending helpful products to people who need them and can afford them and can afford them.

The truth is that we are all Affiliate Marketers the only difference is that not all of us get paid when we recommend stuff to other people.


For example,


I’m sure that at some point in time someone close to you has bought something based on your recommendation.


That thing could have been a phone, a dress, drink or even a brand of car.


Well what you just did is called Affiliate Marketing.


Did you get paid for making that recommendation?


Maybe, but I doubt.


I want you to become deliberate about it by looking for ways to get rewarded for making a recommendation of a product or service to others.


I will be talking more about that later.


So lets talk about the different stages of an effective affiliate marketing system and what you should be promoting as an affiliate marketer.


1. The Product Selection Stage.

This is where you sign up for the affiliate program or platform to which you want to promote their products /services.


2.The Marketing Funnel Stage.

This is where you set up the marketing funnel that will be used to sell the product.


3.The Traffic Getting Stage.

This is where you start getting traffic to the marketing funnel you created in stage 2

So Let’s move on to how to pick a hot product to promote.


What are the best affiliate marketing niches?

Typically, for you to start making lots of sales as an affiliate, the product you select has to be related to any of the 4 markets listed below as these markets are considered to be evergreen markets

-Business, Making money, Investing, Finances

-Health, beauty

-Dating, Relationships, Sexuality.

– Travel, Relocation

Secondly, you should pick a product that pays great commissions.

Any product that pays at least 40% commissions and above is a good place to start.

That is why I always recommend starting with digital products because they tend to pay the highest commissions to affiliates.

I know all these may sound complicated and like a lot of work but believe me when I say..that it isn’t.


All it takes is dedication and the willingness to do it.


To begin, all you have to do is put your mind on your Affiliate marketing income goal.


You must be deliberate about doing only the things that will move you closer to your goal and you will have the strength and motivation to follow through on what you need to do to succeed.


That will be all for this post.


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