Hello guys, I hope you have been following my previous posts so far.


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Today, I will be expanding on one of the points I spoke about in the last post which is choosing a product to promote.


There are a lot of things to consider before you decide on what to promote:


The Category the product falls into:


I stated earlier that you should preferably be promoting products in the make money online, health/beauty, relationship/sexuality, and travel niches as they are considered to be evergreen niches.


2. How helpful is the content of the product:

You can know this by checking how many positive reviews the product has.


How much commission does the product pay:


I also mentioned that for you to earn money fast, it is better to start by promoting digital products as they tend to pay the highest commissions.

Please don’t promote shitty products just because they pay high commissions.

Your Reputation is at stake.

Guard it as if your life depends on it.

Based on all I just spoke about, if you are looking for a platform with the above characteristics then let me introduce you to a platform called Expertnaire.

I did a comprehensive review about Expertnaire and how it works

If you are interested in reading about it, click the link below:

Expertnaire Review 2022: Make 750k/Mo With Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

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PS: To become a successful Affiliate Marketer, It is important that you are more interested in solving the problem of your prospect than just making a sale off them.

You must have heard the saying: “People Don’t Care how much you know Until they know how much you care”.

It’s true.

When you get to that point where someone likes and trusts you, It becomes so easy for them to part with their money for the product you are recommending because they believe it will solve their problem.