If you have been hearing people talking about affiliate marketing and are thinking about getting involved but don’t know where to start from then this article is for you because in this Affiliate FAQ 2022 I will be answering the most frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing including how to do Affiliate marketing in Nigeria

So let’s start with the first question.

1. What is Affiliate Marketing All About?


Affiliate Marketing is a business model where you help a company promote its products and when you make a sale on any of the products, you get paid a commission

The affiliate marketing industry is worth over 12 billion dollars.

It will also interest you to know that Affiliate Marketing is the fastest way for a beginner to start making money online.

2. How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?


Affiliate marketing works simply by recommending helpful and valuable products to people who need them and can also afford them.

So let’s say you recommend a product that costs 50 dollars and has an affiliate commission of 50%, it it means that for every sale you make you will receive a commission of 25 dollars.. Multiply that by 10  and that’s a cool $250 dollars.

3. What Are The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?


The benefits of Affiliate marketing are enormous some of which are, you don’t need to create the product and because of that you don’t have to worry about customer service, product upgrades/updates, paying of staff, website content creation/maintenance, etc… your job as an affiliate is simply to recommend the product or service to people who need and are interested in it.

4. Who Can Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?


Anybody can make money with Affiliate Marketing, regardless of your age, gender, political or religious affiliations.. All it takes is the willingness to learn how the business works and then ruthless implementation

5. Who is Affiliate Marketing for?


Affiliate marketing is for anyone who is willing to do the work necessary to start seeing results.

So If you are a lover of Ponzi schemes who just want to invest in a course go to bed without implementation of what you learned and then expect to magically see results overnight then this is not for you.

6. How Soon Can you Start Making Money/ Seeing Results with Affiliate Marketing?


There is no single right or wrong answer to this question.

Some people start making money right away, while for others it may take them a couple of months before they get their first sale.

It all depends on you and where you are in your marketing journey as well as the quality of the information you have at your disposal. all of the factors mentioned above will determine your speed of implementation and it is the proper implementation that will bring you your desired results

7. Is Affiliate Marketing Skill or a Business Model?


This is another place I see so many people mixing things up. Affiliate marketing is a business model and not a skill.

however, if you are going to make a lot of money with it, there are certain skills that you must have which will save you from frustration. The two most important skills are copywriting skills and sales closing skills.

8. How Much Can I Make with Affiliate Marketing?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make with affiliate marketing, your mindset will determine how much you think is possible.

9. Can I do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?

Back in the day, it was thought that having a website is not negotiable if you want to make money with affiliate marketing, however, this thought has now been debunked as people are now making millions of Naira per week using nothing but their phones and social media apps like WhatsApp. One program that teaches complete beginners how to make money with Affiliate Marketing using nothing but their phones and WhatsApp is called the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator.

10. Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam?

No, Affiliate Marketing is not a scam, and the reason is simple. It involves buying and selling, and until you make a sale you don’t earn a commission.

There is no “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” as you have in all these Ponzi schemes floating around the place. Affiliate marketing is a globally recognized business model and is one of the things that has made Amazon.com the giant they are today in the eCommerce space.

11. What’s the difference between Network Marketing/Referral & Affiliate Marketing?


People usually mix affiliate marketing and referral marketing because they share some similarities however, they are not the same.

In affiliate marketing, you get paid a commission on each sale you make while with referral marketing, you are rewarded by a company to invite your friends/family to try out their product or service.

12. What are the Major Affiliate Programs You Can Recommend?


There are lots of Affiliate programs out there That I can recommend however if you are a Nigerian then your options may be a little limited however the top 3 Affiliate platforms I can recommend are cj.com, Expertnaire.com, shareasale.com

13. What are The Secrets to Making Money Fast with Affiliate Marketing?


If I Could say anything and call it a secret in Affiliate Marketing it will be this… Look at affiliate marketing as a business and this means setting short and long term goals about how much money you want to earn and then creating a road map that will help you achieve that goal.

And last but not the least, never stop learning, keep improving yourself read books on copywriting, sales closing and human psychology as this will help you make more sales which translate to more money.

14. What Affiliate Marketing Course Can you Recommend In 2022


There are many good courses out there that teach you how you properly set up your affiliate marketing business for maximum profitability but if I could recommend one to you then it would be the 72IG Whatsapp Income Generator and Implementation Program. You can learn more about the program by reading the review below.

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