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72IG Implementation Program Review!

written by ​Yemi ​Alabi on ​J​anuary 20, 20​2​1

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Would you like to learn a Simple but very Effective System Capable of Making You  as much as N750k Naira every month Even As a Complete Novice?

Before I give you the gist, ​ let me tell you a story…

About ​8 months ago, I came across a Program online that promises valuable information about building an online business capable of generating ​7 figures every month.  

It sounded true but one has to be careful these days.  

Out of curiosity. I decided to get the ​program and check out the information…especially since there was a Money Back Guarantee if I wasn’t satisfied.

So today I would like to talk to you about a product ​based on my own experience.

72IG WhatsApp Income generator

The name of the Program is called the 72IG Implementation Training Program which ​which happens to be the Version 2 of the 72 Hour Income Generator Program and Mr. Toyin Omotoso is ​the product creator.


1. Mr. Toyin Omotoso is an expert in art of selling online and has been a mentor to thousands of people for over 10 years, so you can say that he really knows his onions.

2. He has built several online businesses and made millions of Naira simply by applying the techniques he teaches.

3. He has also taught several Nigerians including myself how to set up online businesses and many have also gone ahead to make millions simply by following his Step by Step Blueprint.

The 72IG Implementation Program provides a step by step blueprint on how anybody can set up an online business capable of generating N750k+/month even if you decide to do this on a part-time basis.

Here are some interesting things you should know about the 72IG Implementation Training Program.

  • The Cost of the 72IG Implementation Training program is far less than most other Digital Marketing Courses in its category out there  but has superior content when compared side by side which means that you be spending less when In fact you are getting more value.
  • A new module was recently added to the Course called the 72IG WhatsApp income Generator Blueprint  that shows you step by step how to start generating up to N750k per month using using Just your SmartPhone, WhatsApp and Expertnaire without spending a dime on paid ads.
  • After going through the program and understanding how the system works, you can set it up and start generating income in less than 72 hours.
  • The program contains ready-made high converting "Done for you" templates that can be easily modified and used without having to create your own from scratch which means you can be up and running in very little time even if you have no previous marketing knowledge.

With that Said, Let me ask you a question?

Have you ever sat down to imagine what your life will be like if you are able to make an extra 400k Every month?

Even if it's just half of that, which is still 200k, (By the way, Very Few people Earn up to that monthly in Nigeria).

  • You can finally take your spouse or significant other on that vacation you have been yearning for, buy that dream car, move out of that face me I slap you accommodation that has become really uncomfortable for you and even finally renovate your parent's house that is almost collapsing in the village.
  • As a result of all the information you now possess, you can become an authority in the digital marketing space, changing lives and making a difference in the world.

The 72IG Implementation program will train you on the following high-income digital skills you can monetize immediately...

  • Copywriting 
  • 7Figure WhatsApp Marketing (Using The 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator System)
  •  Content creation (For Facebook advertisers and business owners)
  •   Sales funnel design
  •  Web design
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook advertising
  • Graphic design
  •  Instagram advertising
  • Affiliate marketing

 The 72IG Implementation Training Program is more than just a course. It is a Digital Marketing School that teaches you how to sell online or offline.

So I know what you must be thinking.

You've seen something like this before so what makes this program different from all the others you have been hearing about right?

Here is What Makes the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator + Implementation Program Different...

  • There are loads of testimonials from people just like you who have only one head and are achieving outstanding results.
  • The Product creator Mr. Toyin Omotoso provides awesome support for his students meaning that he will be with you and guide you every step of the way.
  • The training you will be getting is first class which takes you step by step from a complete novice to expert status where you can start earning as much as 750k per month , but you must have an open mind.

​The Screenshot above ​is just one of the many testimonials from people like you and me who purchased the program and made the most of it.

At this Point you may have certain doubts in your mind about this pro​gram so let’s go ahead to tackle the most common 72IG Implementation Program ​Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Q.1: What is the 72 IG WhatsApp Income Generator With Implementation Program all about?

Answer: It’s a program that teaches you step by step how to earn up to N750k+/month With your Smart phone using a business model known as Affiliate Marketing.

Q.​2: How does it work?

Answer: It works simply by recommending high value digital products to others which are useful and help them solve various problems.

Those products could either be yours or belong to others.

​So, let's say you are promoting someone else's product that sells for N30,000 for instance, the company might pay you as much as N15,000 per sale.

You can easily use social media and Whatsapp to do some promotions and when people buy, you get paid.

Q.​3:​ I don’t know how to convince people.

​Answer: It is not your job to convince people.

That is why Toyin Omotoso took his time to create a highly persuasive video presentation where he does the convincing for you.

Your duty as an affiliate is to direct people to the video presentation and let the video presentation do the convincing on your behalf.

Q.4: How am I sure the 72IG WhatApp Income Generator/ Implementation System is not a scam?

Answer: Affiliate Marketing is a business model that is widely known as a legitimate business.

Even the second world’s richest man – Jeff Bezos does Affiliate Marketing!

He helps authors sell their books using his website - amazon.com - and he gets paid a commission for every single sale that he makes.

Expertnaire is a property of 7Star Systems Limited, a legally registered Nigerian company with CAC.

So I can categorically tell you that it is not a scam unless you want to tell me that mastering the art of selling online has now become a scam which is the core of what you are going to learn.

Q.5:What if The 72IG WhatsApp income Generator does not work for me?

Answer:  There are video testimonies from real, regular people inside the 72IG FREE video training making between N100k – N9million from this affiliate online business. 

That just proves that this system works for regular people like you and I, people with no experience or technical skills.

If it worked for them, then it will definitely work for you if you are willing to follow the system and put in the work.

In addition, there is a conditional 90-day Money Back Guarantee.

This means that if you try everything the program teaches you and you don’t get ANY result after 90 days, and you can prove that you actually put in the effort and implemented what you learnt…
Your money will be refunded in full – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Q.6:How soon can I get results using The 72IG System?

Answer: With the  WhatApp Income Generator Module,  you can start making money almost immediately.

Also, how fast you will generate results is very much dependent on how aggressive you are about this business. The training will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

But only YOU will determine your success and how fast you will start making money.

​​​Q.​7:​I'm Interested but I don't have the money right now


I perfectly understand how you feel…
I was in the same situation a while ago when I also wanted to start this business.

I felt very bad because I didn’t have a dime in my bank account.
But after doing a lot of thinking, here is what I found out…

…that I didn’t have the money to get the training most likely because of the bad decisions I made in the past.

Decisions like seeing an opportunity like this and using money as an excuse not to grab the opportunity.

So, I realized that if I didn’t find the money to grab this opportunity right away, nothing will change in my finances.

I realized that if I didn’t go out of my comfort zone to find the money, then my bank account will stay the same.

And because improving my finances is very important to me, I eventually got out of my comfort zone and raised the money to get the 72IG program…and today, I’ve made ​N​845,500 ​ on Expertnaire.

I’ve made my money back!

Q.​8​: When I get stuck, can I get help…?

Answer: Yes, you will.

The creator of the 72IG training program – Toyin Omotoso (who is also the founder of Expertnaire) has a Facebook and Telegram support group where he provides support and mentorship for students of the 72IG program.

You will be added to these support groups where you will also meet over N2,000 persons willing to help you succeed.

So, whenever you need support, you have a lot of people including Toyin Omotoso who are glad and willing to answer you and help you succeed.

In addition, Toyin Omotoso holds a weekly LIVE Q&A session on Tuesdays and Thursdays where he answers questions and provides solutions to challenges his students are currently facing in their business.

Q.9:What do I need to implement the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator with Implementation Program?

Answer: Before the Whatsapp Income Generator module was added to the 72IG Course, you needed a laptop, website, at least N40k ad budget...but that is now a thing of the past. Right now you only need an android smart phone, WhatsApp Messenger & an Expertnaire account to get started.

You don't even need to spend money on paid ads.

You also need to have desire and the will to succeed.

Q.​1​0: ​I Don't Have Time or I'm Too Busy

Answer: This business is actually for people like you who don’t have the time!

That’s why it is an online business.

All you need to do is set up the 72IG system and then it will continue to operate on its own…so that you can go about your busy schedule without having to worry…

With this system, you will make money passively…even while you are busy!

…And setting up the system takes 72 hours at most.

All you have to do is oil the system from time to time (just like you put petrol in your generator from time to time).

But for the most part, the system will run passively without needing much input from you after it is properly set up.

That you are too busy is the more reason why you should start an Affiliate Online Business with the 72IG Implementation Program.

Q.11: How much money have you mad using the 72IG implementation program?

Answer: I have made ​N1,115,997.50 in just a few months of implementation.
see proof  below.

The Image above is a screenshot of my earning in the business just by helping people and making money at the same time.

But don't Just take my word for it...

Here are More Testimonials from Average Everyday  People just like you who have great things to say about the 72IG Implementation Program

​Would you like to learn more about The 72IG Program including how you can take advantage of it ASAP?

If You just answered yes then there is something  else you must know.

One of the extra bonuses you get when you purchase Mr. Toyin Omotoso’s 72IG Implementation Program is 1 Year Free Access to Expertnaire! (Nigeria’s Number 1 Affiliate Network for Digital Products) Valued at N10,000.

That is not all.

You will also get the following Bonuses:

 2 - Access to the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Blueprint, a complete step-by-step blueprint that shows you what to do to go from 0 to 750k a month or more using a combination of WhatsApp and Expertnaire without spending a dime on paid ads. Value- 750,000

 3 - Access to the  72IG Implementation Training Program Version 2.0 which teaches you Step by step how to become a 7 figure Affiliate Marketer Using the Power of Email Marking and PPC Advertising  (Valued at N800,000)

 4 -  Access to Expertnaire Affiliate Telegram group chat where you will rub minds and get interact with Toyin Omotoso and other fellow Expertnaire affiliates.(Priceless!)

 5 -Done for you WhatsApp income campaign for 3 Hot Selling Products on Expertnaire – Value N150,000

 6 -  3 hour Weekly Zoom Video mentorship and online support where Mr. Toyin and his team will be helping you tackle and of the challenges you may have with the goal to help you succeed. (From time to time, top Expertnaire Affiliates will also be invited to share their strategies and how they generate massive sales) - Priceless

7 - You will also get free access to the Twitter money blueprint that shows you how to get tons of free organic traffic to your WhatsApp from Twitter. – Value N25,000

8 - 50% Commission on 72 IG Implementation Program. Here is what this means: As a 72IG Student, if you decide to promote the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator + Implementation program, you will get 50% commission per sale as against regular Expertnaire Affiliates who get just 25% Commission.

Wait... there’s more!

The 72IG Implementation program is currently sold for N60,000 Naira but the good news is if you are among the next 20 people to take action, you only pay N50,000 naira.

Now it doesn't stop there, if you place your order within the next ​​5 days, you also get the following bonuses from me:

1. One on one Mentorship on WhatsApp on earning N100,000 every
Month using the 72IG system.

2. You will be added to my 7 figure Affiliate Marketing Telegram group Where I nurture and provide support to all my students.
3. You also get a ‘FREE’ SEO optimized and done for you website like this one, so you can start using making sales using Free Traffic and paid traffic.

I call it “done for you” because I will be doing all the heavy lifting including installing WordPress, creating pages, installation of plugins needed for your website to function optimally.

Note: A lot of Newbies have challenges when setting up their websites and that is why I have taken it upon myself to help you overcome that hurdle free of charge.

4. I will help you set up your Autoresponder/Email marketing software provided you decide to use the one that is recommended.

​5. You also get Free Access to ​my Google Drive Folder containing marketing scripts, Copy-writing formulas and social media promotional banners. And other helpful marketing materials I've gathered over the years.


You need to act fast as these bonuses will soon be taken off the table.


Like I said earlier,  these Bonuses are only available for a limited time and as soon as the timer above hits zero after which it will be taken off the table.

So the ball is in your court.

Please Take note the following:

1) I am not the product owner, Mr. Toyin Omotoso is.

2) Mr. Toyin Omotoso is not the person giving you this price reduction.

So, when you go ahead to purchase the 72IG course , the price is still N60, 000

3) However, once you get your copy of the 72IG program by clicking the link below…

Click Here: Get The 72IG with N10, 000 discount.


you can Send it to info@yemionline.com or send a WhatsApp Message with your ORDER ID and PROOF OF PAYMENT
to 08022551163

As soon as I confirm your payment, I will request for your bank details and you will be refunded N10, 000 and in addition given access to all bonuses listed above at no extra cost.

​Now this isn't for everybody.

​This is only for people who are seriously motivated to change their lives. People who are tired of going around in circles. 

​We Can't do this forever and so we are putting a limit of 20 people on this.

I definitely recommend the 72IG Implementation Training Program to you because  I’ve personally used it, I still use it and can testify that it works.

In case you are thinking, can’t I get all this information from Google?

You can try. But I can assure you that you will only end up wasting your time and money in the process.

That is because there is a lot of generalized information on Google and most of this information are not personalized for Nigerians.

Mr. Toyin Omotoso’s 72IG Implementation Program is specifically created for Nigerians by a Nigerian like you who has made all the newbie mistakes imaginable, learnt from it and has gone through the stress ​of creating a well-structured STEP-BY STEP Blueprint that anyone ​can use to generate ​6 -7 figures online.

Here is why the 72IG Implementation Program works

​The sad truth is that 95% of Nigerians fail when trying to create ​a business online which crushes their chances ​of ever achieving financial freedom through out their entire lives.

The way I see it, you have two choices:

1. Continue doing things the way you have been doing them which has most likely yielded little to no results over the years.

2. You can save yourself the guesswork and heart ache just as I did & try this new approach that doesn’t require any trial and error.

This program changed my life and I know it can do the same for you too.

And it all begins with ​taking advantage of this  ​One time offer  by clicking the ​Button below.

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