Let’s talk about a powerful way to get quality leads & increase your sales with whatsapp marketing in 2021

If you have not been using whatsapp for your marketing then you have been leaving alot of money on the table.

I want to start by sharing  some interesting facts about WhatsApp.

1.WhatsApp is the biggest messaging app in Africa.

2. WhatsApp is the most active social media platform in Nigeria with over 50 million users, even grandmas use Whatsapp to send those long broadcast (lol)

3. WhatsApp is the Third Most Downloaded Android App in the world.

4. On average, 1 million people register on WhatsApp daily. (Dustn.tv)

6.WhatsApp is valued more than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of some countries.

5.Official statistics reveal that an average WhatsApp user opens the app 23 times or more in a day, roughly once every hour.

7. There are more than 29 million messages sent per minute on WhatsApp.

8. Whatsapp is my tool for making daily sales and income.

9. 70% of WhatsApp users check the app daily. WhatsApp has one of the largest bases of daily active users, as 70% of those registered use it without skipping a day.( Washington Post)

10. Whatsapp has over 500million daily active status viewers worldwide – (statista )

11. 200 million people from India use WhatsApp.

13. The average user checks their Whatsapp messenger at least 23 times a day.

14 All you need to get connected is Internet connection and a mobile phone

15. Everybody can make money on WhatsApp.

There are 4 Things you need to get right in making money on WhatsApp

1. Right Mindset

Our Mind is where everything starts From.

You need to be deliberate about feeding your brain with positivity everyday.

It works.

Your Mindset is Number one in anything you want to do.

If you don’t believe you can make it in your mind you won’t.

What you don’t believe you can’t achieve it.

2. Skillset

You need the right skills to make Money online

*High Income Skills*

To effectively monetize your whatsapp, you need to learn High income skills

Examples of high income skills are: Mini Importation skills , Copywriting, Forex/Crypto trading, Affiliate marketing, among others.

Too many to mention, to keep this short….

You need to learn High income skills.

These skills pay more than our regular Jobs.

3. Toolset

The toolset are the tools you use to make money online.

What are this tools?

  • Your smartphone
  • WhatsApp
  • Internet connection


4. Consistency

Consistent Habits and actions are what produces results.

It can be developed.

Make it a habit of creating contents daily, marketing and selling.

You can’t enter this business & be going off and on like NEPA.

You have to be consistent & do it whole heartedly and eventually you will get used to it and that’s when it becomes an Habit.

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