​How N5,000 Led me to a 450k ​per Month Online Business

written by ​Yemi Alabi on ​​September 5, 202​1

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​Back in 2008, I wasn’t the internet marketing expert people know me for today.

I was a broke Physics student trying to find his way through a Federal university.

My pocket money was about N3000 a month.

So, I was really careful with what I spent money on.

But even at that time, I knew I wasn’t going to be comfortable with an average lifestyle and average income.

I didn’t want an income that would be based on the government, my employer or the economy.

So I started searching, one day a friend introduced me a magazine that contained a lot of success principles and money-making opportunities that wasn’t usual.

The name of the magazine is Success Digest published by– Dr Sunny Obazu
I got hooked to the magazine instantly.

I read every edition that was released like my life depended on it

The information I got from the magazine led me to other gurus who were doing great things in the internet marketing circle, people like Akin Alabi, Oluwafisayo Akinliolu , Iyabo Oyawale and a host of others.


I Started following Oluwafisayo Akinlolu .

I joined his newsletter and over the years I learned a lot from him.

Years went by and I eventually found myself needing to get a job  after youth service just so I could support my parents financially and be able to pay my bills.

Then in Late 2019, I received a newsletter from Oluwafisayo Akinlolu  where he Spoke about a guy called Toyin Omotoso.

So I checked out his website through the link that was in the newsletter Mr Fisayo had sent to me.

From there, I started doing my research about Toyin.

I did a Google search and I was able to get a link to join his Free newsletter.

I instantly fell in love with his writing style and I just enjoyed reading his emails.

Then he started talking about a book he had written which was changing the lives of people who had bought it.

He even shared testimonials about what people were saying about the book.
The Name of the book is called:

"How to turn yourself into a live breathing cash machine”.

Live Breathing Cash Machine Book

It was priced at N5,000 ​and all I had on me was N6,500 ​ only.

I made up my mind to buy the book and thank God I did because the content of the book was just mind blowing.

I settled down and ​devoured the content of the book from cover to cover and ​it changed my life.

It wasn’t as if the principles the book contained were new to me, it was just that the way he explained it made me see it from a different perspective.

Part 1 of the book talks about positioning yourself to become a Live Breathing Cash Machine which gives you the ability to create cash on demand.

He then went ahead to explain how everything begins with your belief system.

The book further talked about understanding money, its movement and what money really is.

He said “Money is a means of exchanging what you have for what you need and that the amount of money you will ever earn will be dependent on the value you are able to create”

That is to say, Big value = big money while small value = small money.

The first part of that book gave me a solid foundation on ​what I needed to ​get right so as to start making money online.

But I still couldn’t get enough.

I had previously heard about a digital marketing course Mr. Toyin had created that was now becoming the talk of the internet marketing gurus.

The was called ​ The 72 Hour income Generator Program.

​At this point, I didn’t need anyone to convince me to buy the course because I was more than convinced that it was the missing link that I needed at the time.

So in April 2020, I invested in the 72 hour income Generator Program.

And the rest as they say is history.

Although I’m yet to ​hit to my 400k a month income goal but the truth is that I have now earned close to 900k to date which is something I never thought was possible when I first started.

Why did I write this?

I wrote it because I believe it will be an inspiration to someone out there.

And I also wrote it because my mentor Toyin Omotoso ​ has Created  a 37-minute video Training that explains 5 steps for a complete newbie to go from zero to N750k a month. I am not at N750k a month though.

Still, I believe that this video may just be the missing link that will help you complete the puzzle of making a consistent online income.

If you are interested, you can watch the video by clicking on the button below

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