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I will be sharing 3 Deadly Affiliate Marketing mistakes I made that almost bankrupted me.


Affiliate Marketing Mistake 1: Not using a Presell

So I started my Affiliate marketing journey in April 2020 after purchasing the 72IG Implementation Program by Toyin Omotoso.

Just like so many newbie affiliates, I was in a hurry to start making money online.

Mr. Toyin had already mentioned that using a presell to promote would bring in more sales because it attracts more qualified leads.

But I no gree hear word.

Now there are two very common sales funnel designs that you can use to promote products online as an affiliate using email marketing.

Funnel 1: Traffic=> Optin => thank you page => Affiliate sales page

For the funnel above there are 4 stages:

1. a prospect clicks on your ad and is taken to your optin page.

2. On getting to  your optin page  He/She can choose to enter their name and email in exchange for a free gift such as an ebook, video training or webinar.

3. If they give you their details, they are then taken to your thank you page where they can get the free stuff you promised them.

4. From your thank you page, you can then redirect them to the affiliate sales page.

Funnel 2: Traffic => Presell =>Optin page => thank you page => Affiliate Marketing offer

The second funnel is similar to the first one. The only difference is that there is an extra page called a presell page.

A presell is simply a piece of valuable content that you can use to attract more interested people who have money to spend.

You can also use a presell to chase away a lot of the freebie seekers who will just occupy space for nothing on your email list.

So from the illustration above, the first funnel is the easiest to set up.

However, the second is the most profitable.

But.. I was in a hurry to start making sales.

I was too lazy to sit down and create a presell.

Something that would have helped me make sales faster oo.

It’s really strange now when I think about it.

I was looking for a short cut.

The funny thing was that the 72IG course creator had already provided students of the program with templates that I could easily model to create my own unique presell.

I no gree use am.

So I did what most other newbies would do.

I created my short ad copy and then my optin and thank you pages.

I fired up my ad manager and started waiting for sales to roll in.

First day, no sale, second day, no sale, 3rd day, no sale, fourth day, no sale…

Kilon sele!!!

I said to myself, maybe this product is not converting..

So I changed the product I was promoting.

“See me doing like an affiliate marketing Olosho”

I created my sales funnel for the new product without a presell again.

I worked on the ad copy and started running paid ads to my offer.

First day again, no sale, second day, no sale, 3rd day, no sale…

That was how I started getting messages from some of my subscribers who were saying they were interested but they didn’t have any money, I also got some other funny messages too.


It was at this moment that I knew I f-up!

I had attracted mostly broke people into my email list.

Na so I take dash “Mark Nsukka-Bread” my hard earned money oo.

Please Don’t be like me.

If you want to promote a product as an affiliate and you intend to run paid ads,

I have found that using a presell helps you warm up and qualify your leads so that you can attract more people who want what you are promoting and can also afford it as well.

Promoting any product to broke people is an invitation to poverty and frustration oo (Always remember that).

That is one of the Affiliate marketing mistakes you shouldn’t be making.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake 2: Not Promoting The Right Product at the Right Time.

In June 2020, I started promoting
a travel product.

By then, the lockdown had not been lifted and so very few people were interested in anything that had to do with Relocating to Canada.

I didn’t consider this to be an issue as I felt that even though no one was traveling, people will still want to learn how to relocate so that once the lockdown was lifted they can start implementing what they learnt.

Boy was I wrong.

I fired up my FB ad manager and started running ads but no one was buying…

Eventually, I managed to make one sale which wasn’t even enough to cover the money I spent on paid ads.

But I learnt my lesson and killed the ad.

That is why market research is very important.

You need to know what people are buying and then position yourself as an expert to meet that need.

Imagine trying to sell Christmas decorations/lights in August.

You may make a few sales here and there but you can’t compare it to how much sales you are going to make if you sell those same products in December.

This was one affiliate marketing mistake that could have been avoided if I had just done my market research properly.

Just so you know,

I ran the same ad later that year after the lockdown was lifted and it performed beautifully well.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake. 3: I didn’t understand the power of Putting a Reachable Phone Number in the body of my emails.

Akin Alabi mentioned something about this in his book “How to Sell to Nigerians” …He said Nigerians Customers Love to Deal With Individuals and not the Company.

When you market through emails, some people (especially those who have never heard of you before) will just want to be sure that it’s a human being like them that is sending those emails.

Expect some people to reach out to you using the number you provided in the email.

The mistake I made was not just that i didn’t put a phone number in the body of my message, but that some people had seen my phone number on My Facebook page, and then called me for more info but I hardly picked their calls..

In my mind, I was like “everything you need to know is on my presell and the vendor’s sales page na”.

Why una dey call me?


I think I didn’t feel confident enough to answer any additional questions they had about the product I was promoting maybe because It wasn’t a product that I had personally used.


I have now learned that when your prospects give you a phone call, it’s an opportunity to build a connection with them which ultimately brings you much closer to a sale.

What I should have done was to first sharpen my closing skills, answer those phone calls and use my knowledge of human psychology to remove objections that will stop them from buying.

Another thing you should also do to register the phone number on WhatsApp as well because many of your prospects will chat you up to ask questions.

WhatsApp is such a powerful sales engine and it took me so long to realize this.

One of the Coolest things about Whatsapp is that it helps you quickly build know, like, and trust (KLT) with your audience.

And once your prospects know, like and trust you, it becomes much easier for them to buy from you.

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