Email Marketing Software Reviews For the 10 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses in 2022

Email marketing is a powerful channel designed to help marketers turn their website visitors into loyal customers. It also offers a simple way to stay in touch with existing customers.

This article lists the 10 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses in 2022 based on popular demand. We have looked at various aspects of each email marketing tool, including pricing, features, integrations, and customer reviews.

#1 Mailchimp 

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing software in the world. It’s free for the company to send up to 12,000 emails per month with unlimited contacts. Mailchimp allows you to create campaigns that are intuitive and easy to use but also features rich with powerful features that can help your business grow.

Mailchimp offers a variety of useful templates for email campaign creation which you can customize in minutes. When it comes to delivering your campaign, Mailchimp gives you full control over when and where your emails go out (whether it be in the morning or late at night).

Mailchimp also offers a variety of integrations with other sites like Salesforce, Shopify, WordPress, and more.

#2 GetResponse

Getresponse is one of the best email marketing service provider that specializes in delivering high-quality, scalable software.

With GetResponse you can create, distribute and track your email campaigns with ease. It has a user-friendly interface so you can easily set up, send and manage your messages.

GetResponse also offers A/B testing for emails that help you understand the effectiveness of your messages to your customers. You can also measure how many readers opened, clicked or replied to your messages.

#3 HubSpot Email Marketing 

HubSpot is a marketing software company, which offers inbound marketing tools to large enterprises and small businesses. The HubSpot email marketing software has the following features:

-HubSpot CRM

-Auto-responder campaign builder

-Email templates

-Email editor with mobile preview

-A/B testing with visual previews for emails

-Integrated blogging platform for lead nurturing campaigns

The Hubspot CRM is used by most marketers for lead generation, sales, and customer service. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides all the necessary functions. The auto-responder campaign builder module is quite useful when you want to send automated messages at specific intervals of time. The templates are customizable making it easier for marketers to design emails that meet specific customer needs. The

#4 EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus is a leading email marketing automation provider with many years of experience. With their expansive range of features and services, they have established themselves as the go-to email marketing automation platform for professionals.

EmailOctopus provides a platform to automate, track and analyze multiple campaigns and emails.

It has an attractive interface that allows marketers to create and manage emails in minutes. It also includes several templates for automating different types of campaigns.

The platform uses a machine-learning algorithm to help you find the right people who are most likely to respond to your emails.

The platform supports both free and paid plans with some limitations on the free plan such as a Limited no of emails per month, 1,000 subscribers, etc.

#5 ConstantContact

Constant Contact is a leading and one of the best email marketing service providers of cloud-based email marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Constant Contact’s products include web-based software that allows users to create, send and track email campaigns.

With Constant Contact’s new mobile app, small business owners can now manage their email marketing from their mobile devices. The mobile app enables users to schedule emails, manage contacts, save time managing multiple lists, as well as track the success of their campaigns with analytics tools. In addition, the mobile app features a new look and feel that is more intuitive and user-friendly.

#6 Aweber 

Aweber is one of the most popular and best email marketing services out there. It is designed to help businesses send automated emails, manage customer lists, and create newsletters.

Aweber helps marketers create more targeted emails that are delivered on time. It also has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface that any beginner can use with ease. Its robust reporting system provides marketers with insights into their campaign’s performance.

#7 Clickfunnels 

We know that email marketing is a proven and successful way to promote any business. However, many marketers still struggle with getting the best results from their campaigns – and this is where ClickFunnels comes in handy.

It can be difficult to find an email marketing software that addresses the needs of every company – some require too much technical knowledge, while others are not user-friendly enough. ClickFunnels solves both these problems by being simple enough for beginners, yet powerful enough for experts.

The software offers various features such as landing pages, funnel building tools, A/B split testing, etc., making it one of the most versatile tools on the market today.

#8 SendinBlue 

SendinBlue is a popular email marketing software that helps marketers and companies send out promotional emails to their customers. It’s an inexpensive solution for small email campaigns. However, the service may not be as reliable as other paid alternatives.

SendinBlue is simple to use and has a straightforward interface with everything you need to create an email campaign. You can use it for both personal and business purposes, which is always helpful when you’re working on a project with clients, teams, or collaborators.

However, if you’re sending large amounts of emails or sending them frequently, then there are better solutions out there than SendinBlue. The platform allows up to 10,000 subscribers per campaign but if you want more than that then you’ll need to upgrade your plan which can get expensive quickly.

#9 Mailerlite 

Mailerlite is a transactional email service provider that provides email marketing automation. They are mainly targeted at small businesses.

Mailerlite is considered one of the best email marketing tools because of its features and pricing structure. The features include autoresponders, responsive design, real-time analytics, lead capture forms, segmentation capabilities, social media integrations, and domain forwarding to name a few.

The pricing for Mailerlite starts from $10 per month which makes it highly affordable for small businesses.

#10 Mailjet 

Mailjet is a powerful email marketing automation software that offers its users a variety of features, ranging from list management to campaign creation, segmentation to reporting.

Mailjet is an all-in-one marketing automation system that caters to small and medium businesses. It delivers the tools needed for creating personalized one on one marketing campaigns at scale. And it can be used for email marketing campaigns, SMS campaigns, social media campaigns, and many more.

Mailjet’s drag-and-drop interface makes it very easy for users of all skill levels to use this tool with ease.

  • Campaign builder
  • Personalization
  • Automation rules
  • Analytics
  • List management


Hulk Messenger is a powerful self-hosted email marketing solution. by self-hosted, it means that you purchase the software with a one-time fee, and then host in on a reliable and affordable VPS web hosting service like Contabo.

From then onwards, you only pay your Webhosting fees and nothing else.

This makes the software 100x cheaper when compared to the regular email service providers out there.

Hulk messenger is very easy to use and has a very simple user interface that gets you up and running in very little time.